Monday, March 29, 2010

When the Hell is Easter?

Sitting at my desk this morning I found myself wondering aloud... When the Hell is Easter?

At face value that does not seem like an odd question being that each year Easter comes at different time. In years past I have searched the calendar, through the months of March, April and May, to find out where the hell they put Easter this year. I am sure that there is some computational formula to figure it out, but it is way beyond my math-challenged intellect.

It is also not surprising that the timing of Easter is not on my radar since it has been three years since I have been a part of an organized Church community. Going to church regularly always made it easy to figure out what Holiday was coming next.

You just knew that when there was a stable and manger behind the pulpit,complete with plastic Baby Jesus doll and hay, it was almost Christmas and when the kids were coming out of Sunday School eating those strange yellow marshmallow chicks and whacking each other with giant paper palm branches it was Easter.

It was a simple system, but it worked for me.

However, this morning when I heard myself say the words... When the Hell is Easter?"  I felt something deeper.

An ache in the pit of soul that said, "Haven't I had enough death already?

What about transformation?

Something within my heart was asking,
"When do I get to experience resurrection?

Lately it feels like my life moves from one death to another.

The Death of a dream.

The loss of a relationship.

The slow agonizing death of an ideal or a long held belief.

I feel like I move from grief to more grief, to sorrow from sorrow.

I am weary. I am tired of the stench of death.

And I wanna know..

"When the Hell is Easter?"

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